ZXS 2018 New Year Party has successfully concluded

ZXS, as a well-known brand which focus on the R&D, Production and Sales of Dash cam and Tablet PC, its well-developed consumer electronics and automotive electronics products have been widely acclaimed in domestic and overseas markets in the past years. The 2018 New Year Dinner Party of Shenzhen Zhixing Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen Vienna Hotel on January 30th, 2018. All staff, customer representatives and supplier partners of ZXS were gathered together to celebrate the starting of a whole new chapter of ZXS in 2018.

Dinner Party Scene

At 18:00 PM, the dinner party started officially. Mr.Liu, CEO of ZXS took a lead to make a speech and expressed his sincerity to welcome and thanks to all the team members, customer representatives and supplier partners that came to the dinner party.

All achievements of ZXS nowadays can not do without the hard working of each team member, but also inseparable from the strong support of customers and suppliers. We look forward to cooperating with suppliers in depth in a total new 2018 to create a better future!

Mr.Liu (CEO)

David (General Manager)

Immediately afterwards, the shareholders of ZXS toasted together and appreciated all guests for their support and help, wising all present would thrive in the coming new year with good health and happy family!


Then, the self-directed programs, funny games, national musical instrument performance and the most anticipated lottery made the whole dinner party full of constant brilliant and thunderous applause.

Self-directed show

Mongolian songs

Horse-head fiddle performance

Cute dancing

Interesting program

Awarded the third prize

Awarded the second prize

Awarded the first prize


Awarded the special prize

The rapid development of ZXS can not be separated from the efforts of all ZXS staff. At the annual meeting, the company presented the awards to seasoned and outstanding employees for their dedication, trust and loyalty. In recognition of their outstanding achievements in different positions and special contributions. David recalled the development of the past eleven years, once again we appreciated everyone for their hard work and forging ahead in unity. David was always filled with emotion and tears down, all present were deeply touched!

Annual Excellent Employee Prize

Special Contribution Prize


The new chapter is starting in 2018, ZXS will keep working together with all of you to create a better future!